Barbara Grandi, Italian Swimmer - 2020


Pontualidade, Preço/qualidade, Profissionalismo, Qualidade.

Paulo Torres,  Portuguese Swimmer - 2020



Fim de semana fantástico entre amigos em locais paradisíacos! Organização super profissional em que a segurança esteva sempre em 1° lugar! Será certamente para repetir e obviamente para aconselhar a alguém ! Sucessos para a vossa empresa que transforma sonhos em realidades!

Yves Bellini,  Swiss Swimmer - 2020


Very nice and professional organisation. Highly recommended. I hope next time a group will join as I was alone. André takes care of everything and very flexible. Country is beautiful, food is excellent

Marta Oliveira,  Portuguese Swimmer - 2020



A great getaway weekend! Full of incredible landscapes, beautiful water and an amazing crew 😎 I’ll definitely would like to repeat this experience and can only highly recommend it!!!!

Laura Pomesano, Italian Swimmer - 2020


Obrigadoooo, gostei imenso!

Mariana Guillardi, Brazilian Swimmer - 2020


O André foi a pessoa mais atenciosa que eu poderia ter encontrado para criar forças e voltar a nadar. Deu-me todo o suporte e apoio que eu precisava fora do mar e dentro dele.

Ricardo Campos,  Brazilian Swimmer - 2020



Realy nice planning and training. I strongly recommend :) Andre has a solid knowledge of the technique and the open water environment.

Kate Morán,  American Swimmer - 2020


Pretty wonderful experience... doesn’t matter if you are a competitive open water swimmer or first timer.

Ema Figueiras,  Portuguese Swimmer - 2020



Há algum tempo que queria experimentar nadar em águas livres e finalmente aconteceu. Obrigada André pelos teus conselhos e por me teres ajudado na realização desta experiência!

Nuno Marujo,  Portuguese Swimmer - 2020



More than a holidays only company Swim Together has an offer for already regular open water swimmers or beginners in the open waters (especially ocean).
The natural evolution/ complement of an indoor swimmer towards a more well rounded one has just started and what a start. An awesome "première" in safe conditions, swimming level skills adapted in the company of André a great swimmer and passioned natural guide.
Eager to see the next steps and spots to have fun swimming in the ocean in safety and in great company. Also because Portugal is after all just a small piece of land surrounded by a vast ocean to be enjoyed and preserved by everyone.

Adriana Norte,  Brazilian Triathlete - 2020



Obrigada André, pelo profissionalismo e gentileza. Dia maravilhoso de volta às águas abertas. Já a pensar no próximo treino!

Lloyd Umali,  American Swimmer - 2020


I dealt with Andre directly and he was very pleasant and courteous througout. We worked on various scenarios and came up with na exciting swim holiday in Portugal. However, due to the pandemic, we could not proceed. SwimTogether’s policy on refund/cancellation was fair on its own and Andre even offered to give me a full refund even outside of the timeframe stated in the policy. I felt that Andre went above and beyond on that aspect in light of the pandemic. I will work with Andre again to finally see my Portugal swim holiday come to fruition, hopefully very soon.

Anke Meyer,  Danish Swimmer - 2020



Already in the booking process, we - two OW swimmers from Denmark with a few years of experience - had a very good dialogue with André who was extremely flexible and accommodating in taking up our wishes and adapting the programme accordingly. In the end, our Sesimbra swimming adventure fell victim to the Corona crisis, but while we are still struggling with the airline to get a refund for our plan tickets, the cancellation process with SwimTogether was extremely smooth and easy - we had our money back in literally no time!


We are convinced, we would have had a fantastic time with André and hope we can join him for a swimming holiday when “this” is over. We wish him all the best for his young but very promising enterprise in these difficult times!

Steve Cordwell,  English Swimmer - 2020


My husband Steve, spent a long weekend with Andre and Pedro, he was so excited. Over this weekend, he got to swim at 3 places he's never visited before, he loved it. Exploring caves, pillars and bays in 16-17° water supported by Swim Together, what more would an open water swimmer want? It's given him so much motivation to find new places to swim in the magical Algarve.

Gabriela Rego,  Brazilian Swimmer - 2020



Fantastic swim with André Santos from SwimTogether and fun day exploring the coast of Portugal! André planned the day very well, focused on safety and delivering an amazing experience! I’m coming back for more!

Pak Him,  USA Master Swimmer - 2019



This is the best SwimCamp I’ve ever been to. Andre gave us the best experience. The swim spots were out of this world. The accommodations were comfortable and the food so delicious. On some occasions he even cook home made Portugal soul foods for us. He took so many pictures of us. And after swimming for the whole day, he brought us to places that regular tourist never go to. I think the most important thing is Andre and Filipe really have a big heart. I don’t know how to describe it better. Please try and feel for yourself.

Maria Virginia,  Venezuelan Master Swimmer - 2019



This was a wonderful experience, Andre is thoughtful and thorough on the details of the swim camp, ask you about preferences, races, pace, dieting. He has the best attitude during the whole trip and always gives you feedback which is awesome. I fully recommend this swim camp.

Angus Baldwin,  Australian Master Swimmer - 2019

I went on a private guided swim tour of Sesimbra with André. The experience was amazing. The coastline was breathtaking. André was very friendly and very educated. He provided everything required and really knew the area. He knew several great lunch spots and made the day special. I highly recommend a swim tour with Swim Together.

Amaya Ugalde,  Spanish Master Swimmer - 2019


I think I am having " Saudade" since the Sesimbra swim camp. "Saudade" is a Portuguese word meaning absence, a strong feeling of missing someone or something. What do I miss? A long list:

I miss swimming in a stunning unspoiled ocean. Sesimbra is a top open water destination if you want to experience safe swimming in nature at its best: unpolluted waters, spectacular cliffs and caves, marine life and birds. Really breathtaking and diverse spots to swim and explore at the same time. It is much more than just swimming.

Second. I miss the Swim Together team, André, Filipe, Bernardo and Mario. They are experienced, truly passionate swimmers and helpful at any time. At the same time they stay humble, kind and warm in that very unique Portuguese way. A perfect balance. I can not think of a better company than them to feel at home and at ease.

Third. The flexible schedule that André offers to meet every swimmer´s needs. A tailored swim camp to make the most of it.

Fourth: Outstanding food. No need to elaborate about the excellent Portuguese cuisine. Everything tastes great there.

And above all I miss the magic moments shared swimming together, laughing together and just enjoying together.

For these and many other reasons I´m more than willing to go to the river swim camp soon. Take me back again André!!!

Bernardo Ferreira,  10km Swimmer - 2019



A unique opportunity to meet more open water swimmers who share the same passion for the sport than I.

Pedro Biscaia,  Master Swimmer - 2019



As a swimmer I am passionate about open water swimming. With SwimTogether I am able to keep challenging my limits and relax exploring incredible spots only known by locals.

Rúben Chaves,  Swimrunner - 2019



The sport where you can challenge your limits and know the most beautiful natural places.

Margarida Madeira,  Swim Guide - 2019



A great way to get to know the best portuguese open water spots with experienced guides.

Laura Miranda,  Master Swimmer - 2019



I have lived unique experiences in safety and in places of a rare beauty, winning personal challenges and coming out of the water with a smile from ear to ear.

Bruno Safara,  SwimRun Portugal Director - 2019



Discover the ancient heritage of a country connected to the sea with an amazing team that will provide you a lifetime experience.

Miguel Roldão,  Master Swimmer - 2019



Open water swimming is much more than a passion! A different world in contact with nature and friends.

Francisco Cunha,  Swimmer - 2019



We usually see the sea from shore, but it is also beautiful when we get to see the shore from the sea and that is why I am passionate about swimming!

Natália Nascimento,  Triathlete - 2019



Swimming in open waters it's my passion, the sensation of freedom and the sintony with nature itself is surreal! Connect to this, we get to know spetacular landscapes. All the adventures together with an amazing crowd.

Priscila Gonçalves,  Triathlete - 2019



It was the best open water experience of my life!

Marco Alexandre,  Photographer - 2019



Working with SwimTogether has been an amazing experience, not only because I'm an outdoor enthusiast, but because each trip you get to know amazing places and share life experiences with outstanding people. I surely recommend you join us some day!

Diego López,  Ice Swimmer - 2019



Open Waters give you a very unique sense of freedom and adrenaline boost that everyone should try. SwimTogether does an excellent work by offering unique locations and routes for swimmers of all levels.

Filipe Fernandes,  Swim Guide - 2019



The perfect adventure if you're looking for a great time swimming through some of the most impressive landscapes with an unique group of like-minded people! As one of the swim guides what's more rewarding is to see the constant enthusiasm and strong connections that are created between the team right from the first day, with everyone wanting to return before even leaving.


Our mission is to give the possibility to everyone, regardless of their level of swimming, to do it freely, with security and companionship in unique natural locations through close, informed, socially and environmentally responsible customer experience.

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