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1. What should my swimming level be?

It is normal that in the same training group there are different ages and swimming rhythms. The swimmer shall swim 1km in at least 40 minutes, which translates to an average of 40min/km. Do not worry, because before each activity, swimmers are grouped according to their speed, with the division into 2/3 groups.

In the registration process, the user should indicate whether he accepts these Terms and Conditions, as well as the Privacy Policy in force.

2. Am I required to swim some style?

Although most swimmers swim in the Crawl (freestyle) in each swimming, you can swim the style you feel comfortable doing the activity.

3. Is there an age limit to participate in a workout?

Yes, all swimmers over the age of 16 can participate in all of our training sessions. Swimmers between the ages of 16 and 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

4. Am I required to swim the entire distance set for each session?

Each swimmer will swim the distance that is more comfortable to him. At any time you can go out to one of our support boats or take a break to feed or rest. However, you will be surprised at the distances you will swim in the company of SwimTogether. ​

5. In case of bad weather there is some alternative activity?

Swimming in natural places, just like any other sport, is dependent on the weather conditions. However, in Portugal the climate, sea and water temperature is generally good throughout the year. Even if the sea conditions are less pleasant for the training session, you can easily find alternative, safe places.

6. How many people can participate in each training session?

We accept up to 12 swimmers in each open water swimming session.

7. Are there other activities besides swimming?

Yes. Many of our sessions involve beautiful walks to the place where you started swimming. Some activities may also include lunch with the swim group. In addition, we work with partners who have numerous outdoor activities such as: coastering, canoeing, climbing, water skiing and diving. The companions can also enjoy the experience, following it in kayaks or SUP's.

8. What kind of security is given to you?

All activities are accompanied by experienced guides with a first aid course and swimming history (many have been federated swimmers and swim regularly) as well as support boats. At any time you can stop to rest and / or feed.

9. Can I wear neoprene wetsuit?
Of course yes! Each swimmer can swim with whatever material he wants. The water temperature in Portugal varies between 14ºC and 24ºC, so it is advisable to use neoprene wetsuit in the colder months. Here you will find an excellent 360 guide article on the different sensitivities to water temperature. If necessary, we provide the rental of swim gear. Just to do this, contact us in advance.

10. Can I use snorkel, paddles, fins, buoy or pull boy?

Yes. At SwimTogether we strive to meet all of our swimmers' preferences. For logistical and security reasons we only ask you to inform your guide.

11. What equipment do I have to carry for each swim?

Within each activity it is possible to find a complete list with the necessary equipment. Essentially we advise you to bring the following: swim goggles, towel, bathing suit, neoprene suit (if desired), slippers, hiking shoes, sunglasses, sunscreen and a thermal coat. All swimmers will receive a swimming cap from SwimTogether as an offer.

12. What is Open Water Swimming?

It is a very simple concept. Imagine swimming outdoors, only in unique natural locations such as lakes, rivers, sea, ocean and bays. It is an experience like there is no equal and the feeling of freedom is amazing.

13. Can I bring companions/friends?

Of course yes. We want you to have an experience that is always close to those that are part of your life. At SwimTogether we want everyone to have fun and, therefore, the companions / friends can also enjoy activities such as canoeing or SUP's.

14. Do I need insurance to perform the swimming vacation?
No. Travel, personal or liability insurance is not compulsory. However, it is advisable to have an insurance cover covering things like travel cancellation, luggage loss, civil liability, personal injury or other. All activities have personal accident insurance included.

15. How can I book a swimming holiday?
All swimming packages are prepaid through our website. Any questions you have, please contact us.

16. Is there any contact with marine life?
No doubt. One of the assets of outdoor swimming is a unique experience, the fact that it has the privilege of being accompanied by wildlife and underwater landscapes that most people do not have the opportunity to see. Our swimmers have already had the pleasure of swimming with dolphins, whales and fish.

17. I never swam in the sea. Can I book a swimming holiday?
Absolutely. We want anyone, regardless of their level of swimming, to have a unique experience of swimming in the most unique places where it is possible to do it, always with company and in safety.

18. How long has Swim Together performed a swimming experience?
Since 2019 we have conducted swimming experiences in unique locations. To know more about us click here.

19. What is included in the price of the swimming holidays?

In the description of each swimming trip you can see everything that is included in each activity. In general, all training sessions include training (drink and snack), safety, support boats and experienced guides. All photos and videos that are captured will be shared with swimmers for free.

20. Can I be photographed during the swimming adventures?

Yes. Through your consent, we seek to have a news crew in each activity to capture the best moments of swimming. It can be photographed by drone, underwater or outside.

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