Do you want to start swimming in the Open Waters?

At SwimTogether we train all types of swimmers and triathletes, especially beginners, who have never swam out of the pool, turning people of different ages and levels of swimming into confident swimmers.

With us you will acquire knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Body position and buoyancy

  • Breathing

  • Kicking

  • Control of anxiety and security

  • Orientation

  • Swim straight

  • Ins and outs of water

  • Drafting

  • Race & competition pace

  • Buoy Turns

  • Video analysis with immediate feedback

  • Sea/River conditions and currents

  • Best equipment for you

  • Nutrition/Food


Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced and High Performance/Competition.

We offer open water swimming training sessions, private or group sessions and training camps. Together we will analyze your background, define your goals and the way to achieve them.


Nuestra intención era coger confianza, ir con un material apropiado, conocer el comportamiento del agua mas "salvaje", perder el miedo y comenzar a entrenar triatlon. Lo hemos conseguido!

Cristina Sánchez

Spanish Swimmer

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Our mission is to give the possibility to everyone, regardless of their level of swimming, to do it freely, with security and companionship in unique natural locations through close, informed, socially and environmentally responsible customer experience.

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