Swim Camp Sesimbra

Sesimbra, Portugal

3.5 km/day

Water Type

Trip Type

6 days

8th - 13th Jun. 2020

13th - 18th Jul. 2020

24th - 29th Aug. 2020

14th - 19th Sep. 2020

Water Temperature

14ºC - 19ºC (57ºF - 66ºF)

From 1.500€/person

What you'll do

Enjoy a swimming holiday in salty water in Portugal and find out why the country is considered one of the true jewels of Europe. 

On this trip, we will be based in the small village of Sesimbra, the center of all our excursions by land and sea.

This will include walks with baths, to make the most of the surrounding place, always in the company of experienced guides and regional gastronomy.

Your itinerary

Day 1

To the taste of the sunset

After arrival, we will swim at sunset on one of the largest beaches in the country.

At this time, fishermen often catch fish on the beach, which makes swimming incredible, surrounded by seagulls.

Day 2

Coaching in a natural pool

This is a day marked by the accompaniment by one of the best coaches and long-distance swimmers in Portugal.

We’ll go swimming in a natural, saltwater lagoon.

At the end of the day, we head to Cabo Espichel to watch the sunset.

Day 3

To the conquest of Cabo de Ares

This will be the first swimming on the high seas, already on the coast of Sesimbra.

With destination to an abandoned cape, we will always be accompanied by coves and cliffs of a unique natural landscape.

Day 4

The most beautiful beach in Europe

After a short walk, we will enter a small bay, off the marina of Sesimbra, with destination to Praia da Ribeira do Cavalo.

From there, you will be accompanied by an incredibly beautiful route, where you will find beaches, rocks, clear and blue water, shoals of fish and a majestic cave.

Day 5

A hidden treasure

The penultimate day of the trip is spent in the Natural Park of the Serra da Arrábida.

In the water we will embrace an island that can be seen from a mile away.

After a lunch in Setúbal, we will visit some abandoned sites with the best views of the area.

Day 6

The farewell

A few hours from the end of our journey/trip, we will say goodbye to the Atlantic Ocean, with another morning training session.

After one last toast, we’ll pack our bags and go back to Lisbon.

What's included

All meals

All breakfast

5 nights in a

4-star hotel

During all trip


Amaya Ugalde, Spain - 2019



I think I am having " Saudade" since the Sesimbra swim camp. "Saudade" is a Portuguese word meaning absence, a strong feeling of missing someone or something. What do I miss? A long list:

I miss swimming in a stunning unspoiled ocean. Sesimbra is a top open water destination if you want to experience safe swimming in nature at its best: unpolluted waters, spectacular cliffs and caves, marine life and birds. Really breathtaking and diverse spots to swim and explore at the same time. It is much more than just swimming.

Second. I miss the Swim Together team, André, Filipe, Bernardo and Mario. They are experienced, truly passionate swimmers and helpful at any time. At the same time they stay humble, kind and warm in that very unique Portuguese way. A perfect balance. I can not think of a better company than them to feel at home and at ease.

Third. The flexible schedule that André offers to meet every swimmer´s needs. A tailored swim camp to make the most of it.

Fourth: Outstanding food. No need to elaborate about the excellent Portuguese cuisine. Everything tastes great there.

And above all I miss the magic moments shared swimming together, laughing together and just enjoying together.

For these and many other reasons I´m more than willing to go to the river swim camp soon. Take me back again André!!!

Pak Him, USA - 2019



This is the best SwimCamp I’ve ever been to. Andre gave us the best experience. The swim spots were out of this world. The accommodations were comfortable and the food so delicious. On some occasions he even cook home made Portugal soul foods for us. He took so many pictures of us. And after swimming for the whole day, he brought us to places that regular tourist never go to. I think the most important thing is Andre and Filipe really have a big heart. I don’t know how to describe it better. Please try and feel for yourself.

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Our mission is to give the possibility to everyone, regardless of their level of swimming, to do it freely, with security and companionship in unique natural locations through close, informed, socially and environmentally responsible customer experience.

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